Police Department Contracts:  We are annually approved by meeting contractual obligations for the Corona Police Department, the California Highway Patrol, and the Riverside Sheriffs Office.

AAA of Southern California:  We are a Preferred Contractor for the Club continuing a ongoing contractual relationship for over 30 years.  Averaging nearly 3,000 completed service request for their members every month.

Insurance Coverage:  Unlike many illegal operators in the Towing industry, we have the proper levels of insurance coverage for both Work Comp and our General Liability Policy.  This is a critical area of concern when inquiring about towing service.  If the price is lower than the average, most likely that operator is cutting their operating costs by skimping in this area.  Insurance for our industry is expensive and does have a significant impact on our rates.

Drug Testing and Background Checks:   Being that we are a approved provider for AAA and approved Police Tow Service Provider, the public gets the benefit of being serviced by employees who meet their stringent requirements.   These include multiple agency LiveScans with the Department of Justice, background checks with HireRight, quarterly Random Drug Testing, and annual DMV driving record alerts.

Training & Certification:  Continuous training through the California Tow Truck Association and AAA is important to us along with utilizing our own “in house” procedures.  We routinely host training events at our facility utilizing our large classroom and yard for a conducive learning experience for all industry operators.  Annual cross training also occurs yearly with the Corona Fire Department during their 3 DAY “Auto X” event at there training facility here in Corona.  This is a unique event in which our Heavy Duty Operators get the opportunity to interact with Fire Fighters from around the world training in various motor vehicle accidents.

California Tow Truck Association Involvement:   Volunteering on behalf of our industry for it’s continued positive advancement for the motoring public is important to us.  The industry has come a long way from the “Sanford & Sons” portrayal.  One step into our facility and you will see how we portray a very professional image.  Our efforts with CTTA also allow us to be at the forefront of regulatory industry changes.  Specifically, we have a ownership partner who represents Southern California as a Vice President on the Executive Committee and holds the position of “Co-Chair” for the Towing Regulatory and Oversight Council (TROC).


OWNERSHIP:  In 1983 our principal owners, Pam & Dennis Horvath took a gamble and purchased this existing business and continued to enhance the level of service to the community.  Besides growing the towing business over the years, they diversified by getting into automotive repair and heavy haul transportation.  In 2000, this truly became a family business when their two sons joined the business on a full time basis to continue the same values of honesty, professionalism, and community service Pam & Dennis have set as a coarse to follow for continued 

EMPLOYEES:     You can rest assured you are getting the best possible employee to handle you vehicle needs from Hamner Towing.  Not only must our drivers have a near spotless driving record, but they have to pass random drug screens and a criminal background and livescan with CHP.  Once we have a employee who meets these prerequites, the training process begins.  We spend two to four weeks performing in house training that is then followed up with additional and continuous training with the California Tow Truck Association (CTTA) and the The Automobile Club (AAA). 

TECHNOLOGY:  We are continually looking for the best available products to enhance the safety and efficiency of our service to our accounts and customers.  Currently we are updating our fleet to low emission power units in an effort to become more “green”.  Beside this, we now have several flatbeds with the latest “Low Center of Gravity” (LCG) decks.  This greatly decreases the loading angle when loading low clearance vehicles, thus decreasing the possibility of damage.  See the photo on the right that depicts the difference in deck height from a new truck vs. an obsolete unit we traded in.

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  We believe in supporting and giving back to the community that supports our business.  Along with being members of both Corona Rotary Clubs and the Greater Corona Valley Chamber of Commerce, we consistently support other community groups such as the Lions Club, Woman’s Improvement Club of Corona, and Corona Life Services, various Civic Programs to go along with local high school sports programs.  Over the years we have helped community groups with transportation in the City of Corona 4th of July Parade and supplied vehicles to the Police and Fire Departments for training purposes.  We provided and positioned the vehicles depicted below in the accident scene photo for the “Sober Graduation” event for the student body at Roosevelt High School last year.